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2nd Nov '12

Technically I am a teen mom. I'm 19, and 31 weeks pregnant. I was emancipated and have been living on my own since I was 15, Soon to be married, almost through with my college degree in Culinary arts, have a 4 bedroom house, have a good kitchen job lined up for after the baby is born and enrolled to get my next degree in Food Science. I am a teen mom. But this does not mean I fit the stereotypical naive pregnant teenager. I'm proud to be a mother. And I don't feel I am under qualified at all, and I will give my LO the best life me and my SO can. Don't think of all the negativity. Be the best parent you can be! Regardless of your situation.

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3rd Nov '12

The number one reason is, lets be frank, we have a LARGE amount of PREGNANT women on one website. The internet allows us a certain level of anonymity that opens the door to repercussions bad behavior. For a lot of the snarky women - they have been here a while and no longer feel the novelty of the teen mom. They have their opinions, based of of countless others who have come in here with the maturity level of a 5 year old, and no matter how mature or respectful you are they are going to tear you down because its the most comfortable response.

I'd say, don't let it get to you. I understand how difficult that is. I was 16 and pregnant when I joined this site the first time and there were days I couldn't face the boards because my feelings would be hurt by some very harsh comments. Find a group of girls here that respect you and your situation and parentank them - concentrate on those that are open, honest, and genuinely want to give you the advice and comfort you deserve and need. Even us older moms are harassed and degraded at times. Like I said, the internet is a double edged sword. You can access so many people with so many opinions and get some great information - but it comes at the cost of there being cruel, judgmental pregnancy hormone riding b***hes floating around.

Go ahead and message me if you ever need a little help. There are some WONDERFUL people here - remember that no one has the right to judge you or treat you disrespectfully and you can and should ignore them.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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3rd Nov '12

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3rd Nov '12
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5th Nov '12

I reserve judgement to an individual basis... however, generally speaking, a lot of "teen moms" aren't able to care for themselves as adults (living with their parents, relying on their parents for food/shelter/etc..) therefore, I find it to be extremely irresponsible for teens in that position to bring a child into this world, who they cant even care for. Putting that strain on their parents or whomever their caregivers may be.

That would be my main cause of concern.. Otherwise, the level of maturity is different as a teenager, even a mature teenager... as it is in your 20s+. I am 26, and am not even remotely the same as I was when I was 20.. You still have so much growing up to do. That's not to say one can't be responsible as a teen. It really depends on the individual.