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Minion Due September 30; 2 kids; Toccoa, GA, United States 19993 posts
22nd Oct '12
Quoting Stephany Stormes:" All children go to heaven. There are none in hell. End of story."

Yeah that's true in real life. My hypothetical question was not real life.

I don't get why some people are getting upset by this.

* Sara * 2 kids; Texas 18864 posts
22nd Oct '12

Yes, I would. I would do anything for my babies.

Capt Plzen, Pl, Czech Republic 9110 posts
22nd Oct '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Ur Local Frnt Desk Clrk:</b>" I think 99% of mamas would say yes they would.... but I dont believe in hell so I say no. Because there is no devil. lol "</blockquote>

I say no too because the devil can't have my baby.. not until age of reason, or so I believe.. plus I think he'd just take my baby and essentially have both of us in hell.. but me in a mental state of hell.