Good ole Chinese gender test! Melissa + 2 :) 2 kids; Traverse City, Michigan 3069 posts
20th Oct '12

Idk what to think! Didn't use it with my first. If you did the one that asked your age and month of conception, was it accurate for you?

October2011 2 kids; Pennsylvania 6691 posts
status 20th Oct '12

no it wasnt. probably accurate for about 50% of

Pickle Due September 2 (boy); 1 child; 1 angel baby; Kentucky 4205 posts
20th Oct '12

It was wrong! for my age it said i had 3 months to conceive and it would be a girl and i'm having a boy lol

Norah&Ellie's Momma 2 kids; Kentucky 4162 posts
20th Oct '12

No, but the Intelligender was right.

Bri + 1.5 <3 Due October 20 (girl); 1 child; Florida 4344 posts
20th Oct '12

It said I was having a girl, but I definitely am having a boy. Lol.

Melissa + 2 :) 2 kids; Traverse City, Michigan 3069 posts
20th Oct '12

I figured its 50/50 lol

bia. 2 kids; ., ., Portugal 73551 posts
20th Oct '12

Nope, said I was having a boy both times, both girls lol.

Mann Makin' Mama[BBM] 18 kids; Dalton, Georgia 11563 posts
20th Oct '12

Right both times.

*TiffanyMae* 2 kids; Montana 6002 posts
20th Oct '12

I used it AFTER I found out what I was having.. it was wrong lol

ShockersShufflers 19 kids; Iowa 1501 posts
20th Oct '12

It was right with my first two.
Said boy both times!
This time it says boy again, so we will have to wait and see.

MommaLBear 1 child; Georgia 762 posts
20th Oct '12

I did it for shit and giggles. Said I was having a girl....he's definitely ALL boy lol.
It's going to be 50% chance for either, though lol...

mommy287786 8 kids; Washington 437 posts
20th Oct '12

I used the CHINESE GENDER PREDICTOR CHART and it was right with all five of my babies...

♔RaisingHudson 1 child; Louisiana 1236 posts
20th Oct '12

It was right for me. :)

Bambi78 1 child; United Kingdom 1696 posts
20th Oct '12

It has correctly predicted the gender of many work colleagues. Predicted I was having a boy. I was certain I was having a girl but nope. Out came my beautiful little boy :D

Its fun to do anyway even if its not accurate

Mrs.Bluitt Due January 20; 1 child; San Jose, California 745 posts
20th Oct '12

I just did it on Baby Center... Said girl. And we are definitely having a girl :)