is it possible for a 34 weeker to be 9 lbs? Yumiko Hasegawa Japan 20 posts
21st Oct '12

my cousin just gave birth to a 34 weekr and he was 9lbs. for sure because she was ivf so she knows the exact date of conception

BαtMαɳ Secret Bat Cave, FK, Oman 62956 posts
21st Oct '12

Well then it obviously is.

Jennick.1113 36 kids; New York 7299 posts
21st Oct '12

I guess so :)

My 35 weeker was 7lbs 11oz.

Tash+1 1 child; Canton, Ohio 7839 posts
21st Oct '12

Did your cousin by any chance have GD or any other problem that would cause baby it be big?

♀NoBoysAllowed 19 kids; San Diego, California 51862 posts
21st Oct '12

I suppose it is, then, yeah.

~*~ Spring Baby #2 ~*~ 19 kids; Wisconsin 3584 posts
21st Oct '12

Really? If it happened then YES this is possible!

NICKEL☮POLIS 2 kids; Ontario 6263 posts
21st Oct '12

Did she have GD?

regina_margot 2 kids; New York, New York 1543 posts
21st Oct '12

with IVF, people usually measure from implantation
so, 34 weeks is the equivalent of 36 weeks from LMP
still, 9 lbs seems large for 36
but it's more believable than 34 weeks