When did you begin to nest? Panda Hutton Due March 13 (boy); Tallassee, Alabama 64 posts
22nd Oct '12

I'm incredibly curious when other mothers began nesting, obsessively. Not just cleaning up, but taking bleach wipes to EVERYTHING, moving EVERYTHING so you can vacuum under, just disinfecting EVERYTHING..? I have been obsessively cleaning the past couple days, and I'm exhausted, but I don't feel like I can stop!

tooodles 240 kids; Thailand 5075 posts
22nd Oct '12

Ive had 2 kids and never nested never even had the slightest urge to.

raptor mommy saves 1 child; Berlin, Germany 811 posts
22nd Oct '12

I was ultimately lazy till two days ago. Now I just cleaned every window in the house at 11:30 PM.

*OctoberMommie* Due October 21 (girl); Beaverton, Oregon 48 posts
22nd Oct '12

I'm 40 weeks today and been super lazy since like 38weeks.. I don't think I will nest have had no urge to nest either.. :/

KB 2 kids; Summerville, South Carolina 304 posts
23rd Oct '12

I don't know if it was a manic stage or what but this past week I've waffled between collapsing into a state of lethargy and weird cleaning...... I was actually contemplating bathing my cats I got so bad. I'm 29 weeks.

Panda Hutton Due March 13 (boy); Tallassee, Alabama 64 posts
24th Oct '12
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2happy 2 kids; 3 angel babies; North Carolina 14739 posts
24th Oct '12

I've been like this for about a month. I see more in my future also.

can111 1 child; Michigan 1005 posts
25th Oct '12

I've been wanting to super clean since yesterday but our vacuum decided to die so we need that fixed and we are out of most of our cleaning products so I'm just wiping stuff down with a damp cloth right now.