Learning from your mistakes the second time around? Angelina'sMama Due February 4 (boy); British Columbia 37 posts
22nd Oct '12

I am 23 weeks along with my baby boy and my daughter is 4.5, I'm thinking there are a few things I won't do with my 2nd that I've done with my 1st, like Co-sleeping! She slept in her crip from 3 mths to 2 years but when we got her a toddler bed she slept with us for over a year and it was very hard to get her back in her own room. So not making the same mistake again there and there was also the bottle at bedtime...I regret that the most. I will not be giving my son a bottle at bedtime, it was excruciating trying to break my daughter of needing it and so bad for her teeth! What would/did you do differently the second time around?

Turd Ferguson Bangkok, Thailand 4583 posts
22nd Oct '12

Not have anymore kids lol

For real. :lol:

Monica♥YASDYARDFR 1 child; 1 angel baby; Beverly Hills, California 57133 posts
22nd Oct '12

I wouldn't co sleep either. It is hard for me to leave her in her room as it is though.

Punk Rock Princess {EBFT} 3 kids; Killeen, Texas 26911 posts
22nd Oct '12

Probably nothing, we cosleep until 2, breastfeed, etc. I think I want to wear this baby more..I need a good carrier.

Eta..we didn't have a problem getting our 2 year old to sleep by himself..our 4 year old either, though he wakes a couple times a night due to sleep issues related to autism.

bia. Due August 13; 2 kids; ., ., Portugal 79763 posts
22nd Oct '12

Not co-sleep :lol: co-slept for 4yrs, she wasn't hard to get into her own bed though, but I just dont feel safe doing it again. :?

P3RvYmCp3rv 2 kids; Carlyle, Illinois 11904 posts
22nd Oct '12

Well my next kid will be my 3rd, but I'll baby wear more, and breastfeed to at least a year.

mamaluvsher4babies 36 kids; California 4230 posts
22nd Oct '12

I do not co-sleep...there is a 8 year age gap between my first and second..I learned alot!!!! Main thing NO candy, soda or juice! (besides watered down apple juice) I never want to look like an ass in front of a dentist t again!