eur009 Due November 12; Japan 264 posts
23rd Oct '12
Quoting Emma+Abby+Logansmommy:" If your worried about you baby getting the shot you can always opt not to have the shot. None of my kids ... [snip!] ... birth. Its never a good idea to give your child something that the medical professionals don't even know the proper dosage of. "

Thankyouu.. Yeah I'll ask her when I go in this week and show her what I bought to see what she has to say.

Genesis Grace Japan 1 posts
6th Jun '13

Hope you still watch this forum. Well i'm in the same position you were in. I opted out of the Shot because of the high dosage and unbelief in the practice. I have the same oral K you had and I'm looking for the best dosage. I'm wondering what you did and if everything turned out fine. Thanks!