how "prepared" were you? KB 2 kids; Summerville, South Carolina 304 posts
23rd Oct '12

I think I'm just being excessively paranoid but I am 29 weeks along and we've got almost NOTHING. I mean in a few days ( the 29th) we are getting her crib and carseat and then the 5th we are going on a major clothing shopping spree and then every other week we are going to break down the rest of the list ..... but as of right this very second I have a diaper bag and three outfits. I feel like I'm so woefully unprepared.

What did you all have put away at 29 weeks?

~The Lunar Flower~ 2 kids; Alabama 6748 posts
23rd Oct '12

I only had some clothes, a car seat & a few bibs. I got a lot from friends over the few weeks after that though then a lot more at my baby shower.

MyPurrrtyBabies 3 kids; Alabama 8386 posts
23rd Oct '12

With DS, my 3rd, I had NOTHING at 29wks. I started shopping little by little after 33 wks. And we finished his room around 39wks.

Andi+Andy=Marley+1 2 kids; Fredericksburg, Virginia 4564 posts
23rd Oct '12

I'm 28 weeks and I only have a crib, a Boppy, abouncer/rocker, and only 3 cloth diapers. I feel very unprepared! At this time with my first we had everything we needed

furrbabiesmommy 18 kids; California 16570 posts
23rd Oct '12

we were lucky and had almost everything before I was even pregnant. lol friends and family passed things down. it's nice to be the last ones having kids! Had my baby shower at 28 weeks so by 30 weeks we were done. I mean there was the odd thing here and there.

Claire-Bear (34 weeks) Due September 29; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Grande Prairie, AB, Canada 956 posts
status 23rd Oct '12

We moved when I was 35 weeks pregnant and I had almost nothing for the baby. A few outfits, sleepers, onesies, a bassinet a friend had given me and a blanket. After we moved I got the crib and a few friends gave me some clothes their LO's had grown out of. We also stocked up on diapers and stuff the last few weeks of my pregnancy and everything else we got at the baby shower after she was born or picked up as we needed it.

KB 2 kids; Summerville, South Carolina 304 posts
23rd Oct '12

Ok that seriously reassuring. Its just with DS we were pretty much over stuffed with baby items by this point. His stuff took up more than half my room! I keep looking at my one little diaper bag and its like I can just feel the panic attack coming on lol.

I guess this time around I'm more mentally prepared and aware of what it takes to be a mother and so I am worrying about stupid shit in comparison to the worries I had before.

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
23rd Oct '12

you don't need a ton a first. you'll be fine!

Wendy Kelsey 19 kids; Brigham City, Utah 163 posts
24th Oct '12

This is my 3rd and we started getting stuff as soon as we heard a heart beat at 11 weeks. Im now 21 weeks and am pretty much done. Just a few 'extras' I want to get. But I expect to have everything off my list by 25 weeks.

Hurray! Due April 29; 5 kids; Ohio 980 posts
25th Oct '12

I always liked having things to do and get at the end of my pregnancy. It helped pass the time when it starts to feel like you have been pregnant forever and a few weeks more feels like a year!

Mariah Furtado Due January 6 (boy); 16 kids; San Diego, California 76 posts
25th Oct '12

we have clothes, diapers, packnplay (we will use as crib for the first month or 2) breats pump and storage kit but only 1 bottle. and some blankets. i feel woefully unprepared. still need to bye a carseat and stroller and some clothes for when he gets bigger but i think we are almost ready for him......aside from pacies and baby tub and wipes and oh my gosh i dont have NEARLY enough!!!!!!! lol thats how i get sometimes when i think about it all. but dont worry im sure youll get it all by the time the baby is born

BastiansMommy 1 child; Lacey, WA, United States 2433 posts
25th Oct '12
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Mommy of two (: 2 kids; Killeen, Texas 600 posts
28th Oct '12

I had absolutely nothing until about 33 weeks this time around. My first son, I had just about everything ready by the time I was 25 weeks.

can111 1 child; Michigan 1005 posts
30th Oct '12

I'm 29 weeks right now. I've had my crib and changing table for a while (thanks to my mom for getting them for me). I just had my baby shower a couple days ago so I have almost everything now but I'm still going through everything, everything is not put away yet.

Kristenelizabeth55 1 child; Ferndale, Michigan 212 posts
30th Oct '12

It's your nesting instincts making you feel that way! I didn't have a single thing until my two baby showers at 30 and 32 weeks, which fortunately was basically everything we needed! I had those urges from 12 weeks though, and always felt terrible that we didn't have anything for the baby yet! We are finally going shopping this weekend!!