Dyspraxia Irish Mammy*J,R&A* 19 kids; London, United Kingdom 6082 posts
26th Oct '12

Ive been quite concerned with how often my 3 year old falls over, its way more then just a clumsy toddler, way in excess, how he seems to constantly misjudge space whether its walking into a door or misjudging where the hole in his trousers is to put his leg. I originally thought he may need glasses but when I had his eyes tested he was only very slightly long sighted or which ever it is for watching tv, reading etc and I was told that would not affect this stuff at all. My health visitor mentioned that it sounded like dyspraxia and wants to do his three year review (nov 16th) and take it from there about referrals from there.

Just wanted to know some information from parents of kids who have it or those who have it themselves rather then just googling it. I did google it and a lot of symptoms Ry has...
Is it something that improves with age?
Is there anything I can do to help him? exercises etc?
What age were you/your LO diagnosed?
How do they test for it?

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26th Oct '12

i'm 19 and have suspeacted dyspraxia, i am have dyscalculor to (dyslexia in mathmatics) i am very clumsy, i trip over anything, spill things. my walking used to bad i used to more or less drag my feet rather than actually walking (i practiced walking and having my bf tell me to walk properly over a year and now i walk properly) i have a difficultly putting makeup on, so i dont put it on at all sometimes ect ect, i just deal with it, i carry on my day like nothing is wrong, thats how i go about it... i think maybe teaching him 3-4 times a week how to do things right is good, it helped me with walking... i think that cause he's so young he'll absorb it quicker than me or anybody else if you practice :)