Plan B Addy & Grace & Owen's Mom Due March 21; 3 kids; Michigan 1388 posts
26th Oct '12

I am 8 weeks PP and DH and I decided to try having sex again last night. We used a condom but it broke. I think it was probably old. Anyway. I am EBF and was wondering should I take plan B to be on the safe side. I am hoping since I am EBF that I wont get pregnant anyway. Also is it even safe to take plan B while breastfeeding? I dont want to do anything to harm my baby. Any advice is appreciated.

Tikaytasha 17 kids; New York 11503 posts
26th Oct '12

You are most fertile after giving birth. Take it asap, as you only have up to 72 hours for it to be effective.

furrbabiesmommy 18 kids; California 16570 posts
26th Oct '12

EBF is not a reliable form of bc.
I am 8 months pregnant and I was nursing my daughter every 2-3 hours when I got knocked up again. :-)

Sam Sung 2 kids; Michigan 512 posts
26th Oct '12

I would take it asap. You might need to pump and dump ... ask the pharmacist!

Regina George ♡ 1 child; New York, New York 22018 posts
26th Oct '12

Take it ASAP, it's only effective after 72 hours.