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I had a BabyBumpBelly 1 child; American Fork, Utah 34388 posts
27th Oct '12

Nope. Hopefully she will take after me and not like chocolate, cake, cookies, etc.

Livin Dead Girl 3 kids; Fayetteville, GA, United States 1790 posts
27th Oct '12

yep I let my 6 month old try it she is now almost 3 years old with no health problems and tonight when we went to our church for trunk or treating she kept choosing these halloween shaped pretzels instead of candy. What messes them up is when someone lets them go overboard thats when they get a taste for it and will refuse to eat anything else and always want candy.

MWifey 3 kids; Longview, Texas 3459 posts
27th Oct '12

yeah. lol id love seeing his reaction to it too