Labor? Hayley1994 Due November 6 (boy); Illinois 103 posts
28th Oct '12

I am 38 weeks and five days pregnant and for the past few hours my lower back has been hurting and I am having menstrual like cramps. I cant time it because it is constant.. not off and on. Could I be in labor or getting close?

♥MamaToS&O♥ 2 kids; ., IL, United States 12093 posts
28th Oct '12

Sounds like BH contractions. Your body practicing.

ncmama12 Due November 10; North Carolina 32 posts
28th Oct '12

Getting close mama!!!! That's been me the past 2 1/2 days went in to the hospital last night (false labor) but its a start and gonna.get worse apparently :/ hang in there

Hayley1994 Due November 6 (boy); Illinois 103 posts
28th Oct '12

oh man. I want him out so bad!

hobbit* 3 kids; New Zealand 44783 posts
29th Oct '12

Constant pain isn't contractions, contractions come and go :)
Constant pain is just the sucky end of pregnancy unfortunately! But keep an eye on it incase it does start coming and going. Not long to go now! :D

taaaaaaahliaa1 Due November 22; Australia 10 posts
1st Nov '12

i feel your pain!!!

i have been experiencing the same thing for the last week and a half constant pain coming and going when ever it please's.

very frustrating! doctors and midwives keep saying its only braxton hicks :(
just want my little man here alreaady!