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Second Pregnancies Busy MamaJama Due March 14 (girl); 2 kids; Billings, MT, United States 2434 posts
Oct 29th '12

Has anyone else noticed that their second pregnancy flew by a million times faster than their first? I feel like I should have way more than 11 weeks left to prepare for this baby.... Its crazy.

user banned 2 kids; New York 34017 posts
Oct 29th '12

it dragged in the beginning. then 2 months flew by. now it's back to dragging ass.

and i don't remember my first hurting my back or feeling so heavy.

Ellie. 2 kids; Arizona 25439 posts
Oct 29th '12

I think it's going fast for me, because I'm not AS focused on it. I've been there done that, so I'm not thinking about it constantly. ha ha

Tippie 3 kids; Salem, Oregon 12579 posts
Oct 29th '12

The second dragged on forever for me because I found out soooo much earlier that I was pregnant.
The third went by much faster then the second though.

KB 2 kids; Summerville, South Carolina 304 posts
Oct 29th '12

With DS I could tell you at any given point in the week what day I was on, how many days I had left, how each of those equated into trimester, months, etc. It felt like I was pregnant for 3 years - but I was hyper focused on the pregnancy to the point I didn't have much outside life.

This one I swear it was yesterday I was calling DH from work with the news that I'd taken a test over lunch. Now I've got like 10 weeks and I'm bug eyed like "HOW THE HELL!?" Where did the time go?