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newborn have to be held 1inpink2inblue Switzerland 12377 posts
29th Oct '12

I've never had a baby that had to be held constantly this young. My lo isn't even a week old and I swear the minute I put him down he wakes up and cries until I pick him up. Is this normal?

ashley noel [gav's here!] 2 kids; Rhode Island 6374 posts
29th Oct '12

Yup. Some babies just liked to be held. You should invest in a wrap.

Kelly&Coralie 1 child; Rochester, NY, United States 56009 posts
29th Oct '12

Totally normal

If he DIDN'T want to be held, I don't htink that would be normal

Crystalblueyes 3 kids; Idaho 545 posts
29th Oct '12

My daughter was like that at first too. She's 2 months and still likes to be held.

Damon's Mama 1 child; Kingman, Arizona 1403 posts
29th Oct '12

DS was gluded to me for the first 3 months.

I'm His Amy He's My Rory 2 kids; Caldwell, Idaho 49366 posts
29th Oct '12

Mine's almost 7 months and still is like that.

yo-landi. 2 kids; Kiss my ass, NY, United States 16426 posts
29th Oct '12

My DS was and still is like this. Now at 4 months he's more active so it's a tad easier.

NRPS21 Due October 24 (boy); Cumberland City, Tennessee 88 posts
29th Oct '12

Yeah, they aren't used to being away from you. They have been held for 9 months.. Of course they don't want to be put down

W.W. 3 kids; Arkansas 7943 posts
29th Oct '12

My middle daughter was like this, once I got the swaddle thing down it helped some so I could get some chores done during the day, lol.

Luckily our newest addition (2 weeks old) does great during the day and naps in her infant carrier or bed...nighttime is a different story.

pennylove 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Australia 1524 posts
29th Oct '12

mines 3 months and still likes to held alot

Holtsprinzess 1 child; Houston, 467 posts
30th Oct '12

With our preemies the contact sometimes is demanded. Mine screams to be picked back up.It can be trying at times.

responsibleturtles 1 child; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 122 posts
30th Oct '12

My LO is exactly the same way, but only at night.. It's scary because I'll be really tired and fall asleep while holding himand I'll wake up and we've slept together until his next feeding..