Almyk 1 child; Michigan 455 posts
30th Oct '12
Quoting Ryloonjimama:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Almyk:</b>" If FB hadn't done anything about it, and her profile ... [snip!] ... come and masturbate over any other innocent baby photo on the Internet and we'd never know. Nobody makes a big deal over that."

I'm just stating the irony over it.

I agree with what you are saying. So what if someone does? They aren't actually doing any harm to the child. They don't actually have access to them.. so what's the issue then? Because it's "creepy"? :/

I have mixed feelings over this topic in general. It's innocent. There's nothing wrong going on.. People over sexualize things, and that's the scary thing.. I think media mentality is also why I have mixed feelings over it. The whole "oh no, what IF" scenario that is constantly shoved down people's throats.. that's what would make me nervous to post in the first place :/

B( o )( o )BS! 3 kids; Oregon 25898 posts
30th Oct '12
Quoting Mama to J ♥:" I dont think its cute at all. Breastfeeding a baby is a natural thing....if you are the mother. A CHILD ... [snip!] ... I dont think the mother deserves any negative feedback from anyone...but I dont want to look at a picture like that either..."

Because the child sees it as a loving and nurturing thing that her mother did for her, and that her mother does for her baby sister. So naturally she does that when she wants to show her little sister love and nurturing.