17 pounds down! 47 total :) Katharyn Marie 1 child; Millbrook, Alabama 553 posts
30th Oct '12

I'm so proud of myself! I started out at 231 January 1st of this year, 4 days after having my son. The 30ish pounds I gained during pregnancy came off rather quickly, but getting under (and staying under) 200 was extremely hard. I started working out in June of this year, lost 7 pounds. But in July DS has some health issues, and spending a lot of our time driving 2 hours to hospitals, sitting while he had tests, and dealing with the stress of his surgeries led me back to eating crap & not excercizing. A few days before starting classes for nursing, I went to buy some jeans and cried when I had to buy size 17. August 20, I started school & my life-changes. I was 201 that morning, and as of today I am 184. I haven't been under 190 since I gradiated highschool three years ago. I don't have any pics yet, because I don't really see it. Hopefully 10-15 more pounds and I will. My pants that I bought (the 17s) are very loose on me, my size 8 wedding ring is hanging off now, but I don't see it. :( My first goal was 185 by halloween, and I made it last Thursday. Next goal is 170 by December 18th for my anniversary. That gives me 7 weeks!! Going to work my butt off to get there. Thanks for reading!

Cattails TTC since Oct 2011; 64 kids; North Carolina 857 posts
30th Oct '12

So proud of you! I want to start a weight journey, but need to shed some stress first, because I know if I tried right now, I would fail miserably.

Small Fry&Bed Bug 2 kids; Ontario 16793 posts
30th Oct '12

Congrats !!!!! That is awesome!!!! im 47lbs down too. I started in jan.
GL with the rest of your weightloss !!