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Lame or okay gift Mama Rice 34 kids; North Las Vegas, Nevada 11980 posts
30th Oct '12

We have a super tight budget for Christmas this year. $250 for everyone (both sides of the family). I am crocheting scarves for my in-laws that live in cold places and wanted to have my DD and DS make a calendar out of 13 sheets of construction paper and pictures of themselves. Let them decorate the top and then glue an actual printed out calendar out on the bottom 1/2. Is this lame?

I want to spend the bulk on my kids obviously. The $250 includes the shipping budget. :/

ETA: my DD and DS have 7 sets of living grandparents

Party of FIVE! 3 kids; Romania 37562 posts
30th Oct '12

Home made gifts are the best gifts

Kaitlynn Hoefert Due November 11; 17 kids; Nederland, Texas 367 posts
30th Oct '12

thats awesome, something personal that theyll treasure

CRSx2Mommy 18 kids; North Carolina 3475 posts
30th Oct '12

It's an ADORABLE idea. I love getting home made gifts from my niece!