LTS: Laptop Shibby. 2 kids; Mississippi 8169 posts
1st Nov '12

Looking to sell an HP pavillion. 2 years old. It had barely been used because my husband thought he broke it when all it needed was a battery (lol). Anyway just put a new battery in it about 2 weeks ago. Works perfectly fine. It does need a charger, which is about 15 dollars on Ebay. I have a wireless mouse for it also.

Looking for 250 shipped.

MMY2nhalf Due August 12; 3 kids; Cleveland, Ohio 1140 posts
4th Nov '12

Pics? Ram?hdd?webcam?

Shibby. 2 kids; Mississippi 8169 posts
4th Nov '12
Quoting MMY2nhalf:" Pics? Ram?hdd?webcam?"

Sold this last night :)