One Child Lost, Another on the Way. Momma Izabella 3 kids; Seattle, Washington 669 posts
1st Nov '12

One of my close friend's cousins just lost his daughter. She was 22 months old and died very unexpectedly.

Baby girl had come down with what seemed like a common cold but kept getting worse. Her mom knew something wasn't right and took her in 2 times to her pedi. Both times the doctor said everything looked fine and she just needed to let it pass. The night after the second doctor's visit his daughter started displaying a bunch of abnormal symptoms (sorry, I don't have better details from my friend) and became very lethargic. 911 was called and she died in the emergency room.

It was found that she had bacterial pneumonia that just needed an antibiotic. My heart breaks for this family. This little girl was so close to her second birthday and her baby brother is due in 4 weeks.

Please send thought, prayers, vibes, whatever as this family deals with burying one child and preparing to welcome another. I can't even begin to imagine what must feel like. There is barely any time to grieve.

SoonToBeProudMommyOf3 Due March 10 (girl); 34 kids; Oklahoma 441 posts
1st Nov '12

This is so sad. They are in my thoughts xo

M0Mof3 3 kids; Pennsylvania 1202 posts
1st Nov '12

I cannot even imagine my prayers and thoughts are with them

periwinkle~ 18 kids; Silly, Belgium 206 posts
1st Nov '12

That's heartbreaking. :( My thoughts are with them.

Norah&Ellie's Momma 2 kids; Kentucky 4164 posts
1st Nov '12

I can't imagine the pain. :( They'll be in my thoughts.

Boomstick! 18 kids; Arizona 1608 posts
1st Nov '12

wow, i'm so sorry for your friend :cry: That is just heartbreaking...