MamaCass{+JOE} 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Pennsylvania 42355 posts
1st Nov '12

Luckily watching me give birth two (soon to be three) times hasn't fazed or deterred my husband in the least. In fact, he's told me that he finds me more sexy now than ever. Same with breastfeeding.

It's really sad that some men can't see the actual beauty and amazingness in bringing a child in to this world. They can't get passed the "stretched out" vagina :roll:

user banned Shreveport, Louisiana 66739 posts
1st Nov '12
Quoting Big'n:" :lol: That's exactly what D called him."

p***ies are strong and give life, he wishes he was a p***y.

user banned 2 kids; Minnesota 7318 posts
2nd Nov '12

Lol I actually felt worse for my husband having to watch me give birth than I felt for myself having to give birth. Not because he had to be subjected to the sight, but because he had to watch me scream and be miserable and in pain and there was nothing he could do about it.

I'm completely over giving birth, I've forgotten the awfulness, but he remembers every detail, and he still feels awful that I had to do it.

But I don't think any sight in the world could dissuade my husband from wanting sex...

TrollMama Due December 19; Beaumont, Texas 352 posts
2nd Nov '12

My husband can be a dick sometimes, but he's never, ever made me feel bad or like less because of my body's changes. He says if you want something (the baby) you accept the changes it takes to make it happen. I actually don't want him in the delivery room with me because being in pain in front of other people makes my anxiety skyrocket! But he demands to be given a chance before I throw him out :D

I don't understand this whole trauma thing about guys viewing birth. I understand people can be squeamish and that's okay! But you can be there and not exactly be on the front line, so to speak. Unless you are on the side of the highway talking to an emergency dispatcher, you don't have to catch! Have various focal points to switch to when things get intense or something and man the eff up!

Destinite TTC since May 2011; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Florida 30892 posts
2nd Nov '12

He needs a shot to the crotch.

Mama Stacks Due September 15; 1 child; Sherman, Texas 354 posts
4th Nov '12

My boyfriends loves my post baby body. He says I'm more womanly. And I've got the post-BFIng flatter b**bs and a big ol csection scar. He makes me feel good about me. Says I have a "mom butt"...which is a good thing...I think? He was with me through the whole 24 hour labor. Never left my side and was absolutely amazed by the csection process (which I eventually had to have) and this guy is SQUEAMISH. I think this guy needs to get over himself. I doubt she wants to have sex with him anyway. What a dickhead. Maybe he should consider a vasectomy so he doesn't have to see any more horrific births.