2nd time moms or more *D & S's Momma * 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Winter Haven, Florida 1853 posts
2nd Nov '12

Just trying to figure out the best things I can do before baby gets here next week to help ease my 3 year old son into being a big brother and having a baby in the house. He has always been the baby in the family, he's been the youngest since he was born until now. Just wondering some things I can do with him or things to do for him to get him ready. We did a sibling class. And he seems excited, talks about his "sissy" all the time, I just am afraid once she gets here he will feel left out. Thanks guys :)

My Lil' Monsters 5 kids; 3 angel babies; Surprise, Arizona 4144 posts
2nd Nov '12

He will go through a selfish phase but just be consistent and firm with him. Also let him help with the baby as much as gives them a feeling of purpose and need. He may even become the protective big brother which can have its good and bad points.

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2nd Nov '12

We had our daughter buy a gift for her brother to bring to the hospital (She was 20.5 months when he was born) and we also bought a gift for her from him.
1 suggestion is not to push him. Our eldest wanted nothing to do with her baby brother for almost a week after he was born (Then again she was young) We asked if she wanted to kiss him or hold him and she didn't so we didn't push it. Now they are the best of friends! (He is 2 and she is 3.5)

Mommy22boyz 2 kids; Albuquerque, New Mexico 90 posts
2nd Nov '12

I once a week have a date with my older son.....just me and him! He loves it..... because they do feel left out with new baby even though they're really not! At first though he loved to help and wanted to "try" out everything baby had.....bassinet, bouncer etc.! We would color and play when baby was asleep.

*D & S's Momma * 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Winter Haven, Florida 1853 posts
2nd Nov '12

Thanks everyone, tomorrow we are taking my son to a family fun center place to spend some time with him, then taking him to pick out a present for his sissy afterwards. I plan to get him one when he isn't with me from her to him. Thanks so much for the advice :)