How Daring Are You?? **Warning n**w**** heyheyhey 1 child; USA 102 posts
3rd Nov '12

Here we go. Its been entirely too long since we had a thread like this one. Here are the rules. First post a picture with as much skin as you want. The more daring you are and the more skin you show, the higher the points. Anything goes except for one rule, there is absolutely no haters on here. Lets celebrate our bodies, not knock them.

~~My Pet Wussy~~ 3 kids; USA 23732 posts
3rd Nov '12

I don't get it. Points?

user banned 3 kids; Los Angeles, California 54034 posts
3rd Nov '12

Points huh?

J+D=4 4 kids; Beverly Hills, California 14683 posts
3rd Nov '12

haha not daring enough. sorry... (or you're welcome, however you look at it)

BαtMαɳ Gotham, DC, United States 81990 posts
status 3rd Nov '12

No thanks!!!

iLL-Legal Unicorn Alien 3 kids; New York, TX, United States 37137 posts
3rd Nov '12

Hmmm public forum...easily googable...

I'll pass!

heyheyhey 1 child; USA 102 posts
3rd Nov '12
Quoting ~~My Pet Wussy~~:" I don't get it. Points?"

in a who's line is it anyway kind of way where the points really never technically counted, but everyone knew who won. We could mix it up a little though. Any ideas?

☮[amber+1] Due April 5; 1 child; Fertile, Minnesota 1445 posts
3rd Nov '12

Weird thread lol

Belle De Jour Due October 8 (boy); 2 kids; Kentucky 19284 posts
3rd Nov '12

Points for what? And when has this EVER been done?

Binky ♡ 2 kids; Pennsylvania 6236 posts
3rd Nov '12


If we wanted to post n**e pics of us online I'm sure we wouldn't do it on a parenting site.

let it be California 41018 posts
3rd Nov '12

No thanks. :lol:

Gor-Jess! 5 kids; 1 angel baby; Queen Creek, Arizona 10317 posts
3rd Nov '12

Hell no....I dont need those kind of pics floating around the internet.

Nut ღ Meg Beverly Hills, CA, United States 40239 posts
3rd Nov '12

Yeah, no, I'll pass. :)

heygirlheyyy♥ 1 child; Iowa 1303 posts
3rd Nov '12

If you get the most points, what do you win?

. , Richmond, VA, United States 75114 posts
3rd Nov '12