user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
4th Nov '12

I always told everything, even if I knew they were not going to like it at all. And he did the same, why have secrets. at all. ?

I never get the "hiding " stuff thing. lol its seems imature to me.

_______Nope_________ 23772 posts
4th Nov '12

I don't think "hiding things" is right. Not mentioning unimportant details is different.

I don't mention every person I see somewhere. I don't purposely NOT mention it either. I'm not one to hide things for the sake of argument, because there is still the underlying issue.

If my SO is going to b***h about money, then we have an issue. We need to deal with that issue (money) instead of hiding things.

So I think there is a difference. Don't LIE to me or HIDE things. But I am not going to ask how many beers he had (unless he drove or something). I'm not going to care who he saw. I think hiding things to avoid an argument is childish.

Supafly★ 2 kids; Poland 14109 posts
4th Nov '12

I'm guilty if hiding things that would make my DH freak out. But little things that are a big deal to him, like I broke a plate while washing dishes, or LO had an accident, or some drama with our friends. Those types of things.

Layla-and-Faith 2 kids; Nova Scotia 656 posts
4th Nov '12

I don't consider it hiding anything. I do not tell my SO everytime I go for a coffee with a friend on my work break, I don't tell him if I stop into Wal-Mart for a few things, I don't tell him about every single person I meet or talk to everyday. I'm not hiding anything though, if he asked I would tell him but I can't see him caring lol.