He gave me motivation. Milk Monster 2 kids; Arizona 9089 posts
4th Nov '12

DH was working out today and DS decided he needed to get into shape too I guess because now he is copying his daddy's every move. Guess maybe I should start working out as well since even my 2 year old is?

*J* 50 kids; 14412 posts
4th Nov '12

Cute!!! I love it when the kids do yoga with me and my husband.

Landon's Mommy☮ 1 child; Quebec 513 posts
4th Nov '12

That's so cute :)
Landon climbs on me when I try to do push ups & sit ups and he laughs at me when I practice my striking and kicking (for martial arts) lmao. I can't wait til he starts to work out WITH me :P