CUTE hand-made hats for cheap! ✌Nikki☀ 1 child; Illinois 2110 posts
4th Nov '12

Hey y'all! My sister is crocheting and selling hats just in time for Christmas! I figured I'd help her get some customers since I know you ladies love this kind of stuff. I will show you some of the designs she has already made. If you want something else, just let her know and she will try it if she can. Also, if you want different colors, she'll do them in any color you want. All you have to let her know is the design, colors, and head circumference.=) If you are interested, leave a comment and I will message you on here with my sister's personal facebook page so you can message/add her.

Pink-Green Ruffle Scarf---$15 dollars(pardon her "model", he wasn't very happy about having to model a pink scarf LOL)
Multi-color Ruffle Scarf---$15(He wasn't very happy about being a model either.. lol)
Women's Slouchy Hat---$10
Rainbow Hat---$10
Pig Hat---$10
Owl hat---$10
Monster hat---$10
Puppy hat---$10
Elephant hat---$10
Koala Hat---$10
Monkey hat---$10
Ho Ho Ho Hat(Can also do with Christmas Tree or a Holly berry)---$10
Pumpkin Hat---$10
Snowman Hat---$10
Car Hat---$10

Mrs cree Due November 23; 33 kids; Ontario 1907 posts
4th Nov '12

There really cute

✌Nikki☀ 1 child; Illinois 2110 posts
4th Nov '12

I thought so too!=)

Little Miss Moxie 1 child; Alaska 1011 posts
4th Nov '12

I would love to get the monkey hat if she can make it in pink!

✌Nikki☀ 1 child; Illinois 2110 posts
4th Nov '12
Quoting Little Miss Moxie:" I would love to get the monkey hat if she can make it in pink!"

She can! I'll message you with her personal facebook page and you can message her on there. Just let her know which colors you want and what size you'll need(head circumference of the person it's for if you want an exact fit)... She has a lot of orders though so she wanted me to tell you it'll be 2 weeks before she can start on it. But it shouldn't take her too long once she gets started=)