Over-Paranoid? Brooke Cumberland TTC since Oct 2013; 1 child; Wisconsin 420 posts
4th Nov '12

So I know everyone on this forum of TTC is obviously trying to make or adopt a baby but I was wondering if anyone else like me gets a lot of anxiety about the scary stories that happen with children.... My daughter had meningitis at 4 weeks and she miraculously recovered a month later. It was the scariest thing I ever went through. So now that we are talking about trying for another, I can't help but think all these horrific things will happen.. either the pregnancy will not go well, the baby won't be healthy, something else horrible will happen. I'm sure we all have these feelings, but sometimes I really question why I feel this way. Idk if it's because we came so close to losing our DD or if it's just a "Mom" thing. I really shouldn't read some of the stuff because it breaks my heart but sometimes I want to educate myself because there's so many things in pregnancy that I didn't even know about.

xxshootingstarxx 1 child; Florida 35 posts
4th Nov '12

Oh gosh, yes! My daughter has a lot of food allergies and a few run ins with heath issues. Her doctor ran a few tests, and came to the conclusion that she is fine. But her blood counts are usually low and her immune system crashes at times, and i get so paranoid that it's cancer. When she gets sick, I can't help butblame myself.