Mr. Inappropriate 2 kids; Talofofo, GU, Guam 15032 posts
6th Nov '12
Quoting Just Ames:" This is your one and only free pass today. If you slip up again I'll have to take full advantage and give you shit about it :lol:"

The free pass is much appreciated, I understand you don't dole them out too often. :P

Quoting Javi's Mami*[Bazinga!]:" They've been "free" for as long as I can remember. Many many months. So I'm sure it won't be ending soon haha."

Thanks. :D

Just Ames 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Montego Bay, Jamaica 114793 posts
6th Nov '12
Quoting Mr. Ant:" Thanks. :D"

ANY chance I have to take a dig, I take it so yeah :lol: