Too Many Accidents MommyShelly 3 kids; Anaheim, California 61 posts
5th Nov '12

I have all boys ... 5 1/2yr 4 yr old and a 3mos old! Ever since Ive become pregnant it seems The boys have been having accidents at night! Both Fully potty trained at 2 yr old! Now about every night one of them pees the bed! I even wake them up in middle of the night but am to late or to early! I read alot of just a new baby faze but I've gotten to the point where I bought pull ups!!! Pull ups are the short term solution but IDK anymore! Is this something I should bring up to the doctor??? Too many accidents for just a faze...???

Just Ames 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Montego Bay, Jamaica 114793 posts
5th Nov '12

Wow. You seem to have your hands full. Has anything changed with their schedule such as how much liquids they have before bed? Are you sure this isn't something you're simply missing due to being so busy? Just think really hard about all possibilities.