23 month old weight/height? Liam&Xander's Mama Due February 28; 1 child; Ohio 1062 posts
5th Nov '12

just wondering what your LO's stats were around 23 months/2 years.
my son will be 23 months on the 15th, and is 24lbs 4oz and 33 1/4 inches tall. do you think that's about average?

Belle De Jour Due October 8 (boy); 2 kids; Kentucky 19287 posts
5th Nov '12

I don't know how tall either of them are but my 18 month old is 22lbs and my 30 month old is 23lbs. As long as your LO is healthy I wouldn't worry about it.

★Mommarazzi★ 1 child; Arkansas 9737 posts
5th Nov '12

Ryan was 34lbs and 36" tall at that age. My cousins some is about as big as your son and he looks little to me but Ryan is a big kid he's 2.5 and wears 4T. So your son is probably about average but either way as long as he's happy and healthy he's fine :)

Jami + 3 3 kids; Tampa, FL, United States 2476 posts
6th Nov '12

At my sons 2yr check up last month he was36in and 29lbs.