Finally, the stress isn't overwhelming. user banned
5th Nov '12

Things have been going really well lately. With my job and everything else. I'm on great terms with my son's dad thank goodness. There has been alot of drama between him & I lately but we are finally getting along and actually being good to each other (: I think that going to jail this time scared him into doing better for himself & our son. I'm hoping at least. & My job has been perfect. I used to hate it so much but my manager & I are really getting along and she has been giving me really good hours cause she loves working with me. My son has been learning so much everyday. For a while there I thought everything was going to fall apart. But now I can finally say that is over. It's a big relief. I've been getting so much good news. I've always kept my head up for my son & I've made it through this dark tunnel. It just proves that I am strong enough to make it through any struggles I may have to face. My son gives me all the motivation & strength that I need. (:

SingleMomSwagg♥ 1 child; Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1397 posts
6th Nov '12

This gives me hope. Thanks momma. Its an uphill battle we face as single moms. But it gets better..

user banned 1 child; Georgia 104 posts
6th Nov '12

It does get better, I promise. I have been through hell & back these past two years. It all started when we found out my dad had cancer. It was a rare cancer that caused tumors to weigh on his heart. He had to have his leg amputated Christmas day of 09, then continued to just turn into nothing. The sickness made him go from 260 pounds to 67 pounds. I watched him take his last breath, and he died when I was 8 months pregnant with my son. Then a week after he died my grandma was put in intensive care. She got cancer. She died 6 months after my dad. Then my great aunt passed away of old age a few months later. I was very close with them all. My son's dad dipped out on us when my son was 4 months old. It has been a constant battle with him. His girlfriend at one point told me to go kill myself so they could raise my son. I've had to bite my tongue. But i've kept records of EVERYTHING. My mom & I had been fearing that we wouldn't be able to keep our house. My dad was the main source of income in our house. He was old fashioned and wouldn't let my mom work more than a part time job and she had to beg him just to do that. He wanted her to stay at home with me & my brother and take care of us. But we are getting on our feet, & things are definitely better (: It just takes ALOT of time, frustration lol, and patience.