progress so far luvinmababies 2 kids; Edgefield, South Carolina 1076 posts
6th Nov '12

ok so ive been keeping up with the healthy eating i have been snacking on carrots and fresh fruit or almonds when i get hungry . I havent had any soda or candy at all for about 6 days :) go me . i have gone from 192 to 189 which seems like a slow process :/ but im hoping if i keep it up ill keep loosing the weight . Anyone wanna give me so ideas for a healthy dinner for 1 ? my husband is out of town so i dont want to cook a huge meal thanks

mom2AB&C 3 kids; Akron, Ohio 394 posts
6th Nov '12

grilled chicken breast with broccoli and brown rice with skim milk or water..
or a 6 in turkey sub on wheat with veggies and mustard from subway...

22Jleigh33 1 child; Louisiana 747 posts
6th Nov '12

not too sure about the healthy meal thing, I don't have a very healthy diet lol but I do one thing that works great and is a lot of fun, if you have xbox system with the kinect go get the Zumba fitness. It is sooo much fun, I have been doing it for about 3 weeks now and I see major results, i went from a size 7 to a size 3 in 2 weeks just from doing it. You don't even feel like you are working out at all. and if you don't have xbox you can buy the videos. I find the game a lot more fun though.

Soon-2-B-Fit-Mama =) 1 child; Alabama 23 posts
7th Nov '12

Nice job! If you count calories, you can expect to lose about 1-2 lbs per week every week. =]