⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7276 posts
Nov 8th '12
Quoting Jay_Em_Gee:" Maybe he's trying to see what a relationship w/you is like when you're not going at it like jackrabbits... cause well.. that probably will be the case once the baby is born."

This! My SO stopped having sex for a few months because he said that he felt like our whole relationship was just physical & based on sex. In his words "sex isnt everything:shock:" Also with this being his first kid he might be stressed out. I think he should talk to you instead of being a jerk about it though

M. Johnson 2 kids; Tennessee 39 posts
Nov 8th '12

I've read this whole thread and I have to asked, cause I must have missed it but how long have you two been together? The only reason y I ask is cause me and my DH has been together for going on 11 years soon and he's approached me in the past stating that he wanted to sustain from sex for a month. I was hurt and didn't understand it. When I asked him about it he stated the same thing yours did. He wanted to see how the relationship would develop/change. At the time we where together around 5 years I believe, and I didn't understand why he wanted to do this. But I knew we were the "rabbit" type you mentioned earlier so I didn't think it would happen. I didn't understand nor like this "test" however, if it was something he was passionate about, out of respect for his wishes I would sustain from any sexual behavior. We didn't do anything for a whole month and apparently that was all we could handle cause we became "rabbits" again after that month.
The point in this very long and drawn out story is I wasn't prego at the time and my DH still wanted to sustain for a while. Men are not as complicated as we think they are, and if we're lucky they'll actually think with they're hearts and not their dicks! Which is what I believe your man may be trying to do. It sounds to me like he's just wanting to see if you can be close but not have to have sex to feel that way.