Breaking Out.! **:)37Weeks(:** Due May 26 (boy); Colorado Springs, Colorado 102 posts
7th Nov '12

Ahhh im breaking out really bad.! I have NEVER broken out like this. Ill have one pimple here or there but have never broken out! It sucks.! Any suggestions as to what i can do? I have tried almost everything and i STILL break out.!

Squeaky McGee 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 65151 posts
7th Nov '12

There's not much you can do. It's hormonal.

Leash25 2 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1589 posts
status 7th Nov '12

try to keep your skin clean and dry!!! I'm going through the same thing and myface is so oily! I hate it

see ya stalkers 1 child; 1 angel baby; Georgia 603 posts
7th Nov '12

im the same way sinse i got pregnant i have broken out horribly. ive tried everything nothing helps im hoping once the baby arrives my face will clear up

Jacky Jenkins Due February 21 (girl); Washington, Pennsylvania 8 posts
7th Nov '12

tell me about i have never broke out this bad in my life. i get rid of one and another one pops up. try using hypoallergenic soap it might not break you out as bad. that is what i use and it works alot better then anything else i have tried.

**:)37Weeks(:** Due May 26 (boy); Colorado Springs, Colorado 102 posts
7th Nov '12

okay thanks guys. im so over breaking out... it wasnt like this with my first