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Hakuna! *Gif heavy* Hathor + A Due December 23; 16 kids; Spring, Texas 12834 posts
8th Nov '12

SO is stoned and he goes "Ren...Lauren...if we get pregnant this month...can we give them the middle name...Hakuna. Pleeeeeeeeeease."

I am like


Me: lion-king-gif.giftumblr_lj05nj1dpp1qbjc6o.gif
Paul Hakuna Wilborne
Zachary Hakuna Wilborne
Dante Hakuna Wilborne

Cleona Hakuna Wilborne
Aelita Hakuna Wilborne
Karen Hakuna Wilborne
Celeste Hakuna Wilborne
Annika Hakuna Wilborne

Now he is saying Kuna for a middle name or boys name.

Chellie Due September 19; 2 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4204 posts
8th Nov '12

I knew someone with the last name as Kuna. You have an interesting SO :)

*~* Superwoman *~* 1 child; Moreno Valley, California 2045 posts
8th Nov '12

*truth* I only clicked on this post to see the GIFs,I love the lion king! <3

Just Emily :) Due June 22; 1 child; Brownsville, Tn, United States 6267 posts
8th Nov '12

Lol I worked with a guy named accuna. Pronounced like that (last name) I heard so many people burst into song when he told them.

DifferentDay Due June 2; 34 kids; Tennessee 3467 posts
8th Nov '12

he's certainly creative..... :)

OT but the gifs makes me wanna cuddle my kitty- Zira, after the Lioness in Lion King 2

Robbie's Incubator 17 kids; Pearl City, Hawaii 7031 posts
8th Nov '12

Do it.
Do it for your stoned husband. :lol: