Easy workouts? ✌Nikki☀ 1 child; Illinois 2110 posts
8th Nov '12

I need help. Seriously!

I am 2 months pp and I need to tighten everything back up. My stomach is really flabby now and my legs are looking HIDEOUS because of all the swelling I had when I was pregnant. What are some exercises I could do for my legs(thighs) and stomach(mainly lower stomach)? I wanted to ask you guys because I wanted to see what worked for you. I'm very busy with my daughter and don't have too much time to do anything. But I need to work on this. It's getting in the middle of my relationship(my body) because I HATE how I look. SO has no problem with it, but I can't stand to be touched or anything because I feel so nasty.

Sorry if this is a jumbled up mess. My daughter is sitting on my lap moving all over the place.


mama rea rea 2 kids; San Antonio, Texas 1115 posts
8th Nov '12

Hey girl, send me a PM! I may be able to help you!

M A M A of ♥ N E Due March 14; 17 kids; 582 posts
8th Nov '12

Legs and butt I did squats and leg presses at the gym, my lower stomach I did 30 day shred worked instantly with a healthy diet