So sweet BastiansMommy 1 child; Lacey, WA, United States 2433 posts
9th Nov '12

I haven't slept in 3 days because of this cold that I have...I'm miserable. I can barely breathe, I lost my voice 4 days ago and there's no sign of it coming back yet, I haven't been able to eat anything and hold it down in 3 days, and every time I blow my nose I get a terrible nose bleed because I burst a blood vessel in my nose from coughing/blowing my nose. Hell, I'm coughing so hard that I've started to spot and contract even more. I'm in my own Hell.
I woke my SO up this morning because I suddenly couldn't breathe and I started coughing super hard. I was coughing so hard I couldn't breathe, my back was spasmming so bad that he could see it, and of course (like any 9 month pregnant lady who is coughing that hard) I peed on the bed. My man was amazing. He got me a towel to sit on so that I didn't make anymore of a mess, he rubbed my back, told me to stop being stupid and spit out anything I cough up, and went and made me some of my favorite thing to drink when I'm Tang. (it's should DEFINITELY try it).
After my coughing attack ended, he got me my cough medicine, my inhaler, and hugged me. He didn't care that I woke him up. He didn't care that I was crying and shaking. He just held on to me until I was calm, and talked to me.
All day he laid in bed with me because I feel like crap...he didn't even whine about the fact I was watching LMN movies all morning, which he hates. He's been yelling at me to drink stuff all day, he told my dad (who is bi-polar and currently in the manic stage) to go to Hell and that he'd do the damn dishes after I fell asleep (there was like half a sink), and he made our room super cold because he knows that though he likes it warm, I'm horribly uncomfortable when the room is warm.
And now what is he doing? He's playing with my two year old nephew, making me some soup because I haven't eaten, and talking about trading in the truck he just got for a car because he sees where I was coming from when it came to the family car thing instead of the pickup truck thing. He also cleaned up the room while I was asleep (finally fell asleep for a couple hours, which was more then welcomed), which I've been meaning to do for the week that I've been sick.
He's starting to get this horrible cold, but he's ignoring it because he's trying to take care of me. He told me that if I didn't have an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow, that he was going to set one up because he was starting to get worried. He is so amazingly sweet...and gonna be such a good daddy to this little boy.

And now...I'm gonna go try to force myself to eat something, probably barf it up, and watch a movie with my man...probably give in and watch a scary one since he's been awesome all day.
Kinda just wanted to ramble about my boyo :)

HopingforaMiracle 1 child; USA 22790 posts
9th Nov '12

How sweet is he

user banned Due April 8; 1 child; Washington 11352 posts
9th Nov '12

awww :)

BastiansMommy 1 child; Lacey, WA, United States 2433 posts
9th Nov '12

He's a sweetheart :)

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9th Nov '12

Awh :)