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10th Nov '12

I was induced Nov 4 due to pre-eclampsia. Went in on Sunday night at 8 pm and got things started. Nothing happened I stayed stuck at 2 cm for hours and hours! My baby's heart rate kept dropping so I was given Epinephrine and told to prepare myself for a C-section. I kept spiking a fever, and my blood pressure and heart rate were elevated. I layed in bed for so long feeling so scared and hopeless and hating my body for doing this to me.

Around 2 am TUESDAY morning I decided I couldn't handle anymore pain and asked for the epidural which did not work for me.

Around 5 a.m. I just had to push my body refused to do what I wanted. I was only dilated to 8.5 and pushed with everything I had...until finally my baby boy was born at 7:54 a.m. on November 6 2012.


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10th Nov '12

Congrats! :D So adorable!

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10th Nov '12

Congrats momma!! That is my birthday !! 11/6 is an awesome day to have for a birthday :D

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11th Nov '12


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12th Nov '12

Thank you Ladies :)