Special "coming home" dinner Nomo 4 kids; Mueang Phuket, Thailand 30487 posts
10th Nov '12

my SO is finally coming home today..yaaay.
so, i want to fix a yummy dinnner..

help me pick! ive made this recipe before and it was soo good!

Spaghetti and meatballs!

or should I make some home made friend chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and yummy texas roadhouse green beans??

Heather ♥ 3 kids; Miami, Florida 2429 posts
10th Nov '12

i'd do fried chicken.

Olive ♥ 1 child; North Carolina 4902 posts
10th Nov '12

Definitely the fried chicken. That sounds soo delicious.

momma of princesses 2 kids; Texas 1565 posts
10th Nov '12

fried chicken it sounds yummy :)

melindapple 1 child; Michigan 5420 posts
10th Nov '12

i wish you had a poll, but fried chicken for sure!

Peyton's Mommy :) 1 child; Georgia 1019 posts
10th Nov '12

fried chicken!! :)