sknymnie Hubert, nc, United States 15150 posts
10th Nov '12
Quoting ☮Sugar Magnolia:" Bill. Ten muthafuckin characters."

space bar works for the 10 characters.

Piecey. Due May 13; 3 kids; K-Town, KL, Germany 64086 posts
status 10th Nov '12
Quoting Jen K.:" space bar works for the 10 characters."

unless you are mobile.

☮Sugar Magnolia 1 child; Indiana 18298 posts
10th Nov '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Jen K.:</b>" space bar works for the 10 characters."</blockquote>

Not on mobile.

Evelynns Mama! 1 child; Dayton, Ohio 1735 posts
10th Nov '12

Hmmm, bill!
But, I see some similarities between mike as well.
So who really knows.
My sister has a different father than me, and you would never tell.
She actually in a way looks like my dad, it's weird.

Mama McNeely 2 kids; Bremerton, Washington 5117 posts
10th Nov '12

So is bill the one she cheated with? You look like him.

♛Queen Boo♛ 2 kids; United Kingdom 2526 posts
10th Nov '12


CNA1990 New Jersey 382 posts
10th Nov '12

no bill was her husband and who i always thought was my dad. he was out of my life for 7.5 yrs after their divorce and i got in touch with him when i was almost 16 i think mike was my dads commanding officer in the navy, best friend, and my god father. my mom and dad had a horrid relationship and her and mike fell in love and cheated on their spouses with each other. my mom and mike are not together my mom is actually married to another guy now and mike i is divorced is divorced from his wife (my godmother) and she knows nothing about any of this as far as i believe. yeah its like a maury show haha

Amy {OneGirl, TwoBoys} 3 kids; Cincinnati, Oh, United States 24256 posts
10th Nov '12

bill imo, but you need a dna test done. looks dont mean much

CNA1990 New Jersey 382 posts
10th Nov '12

yes i know i was thinking about buying the ones cvs or rite aid sell but i heard you have to pay to get the results back after sending off the test