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10th Nov '12

I was suppose to be induced on Monday, but she had other ideas. I went in yesterday morning for my weekly NST, which normally takes only 30 minutes or so. But while there the nurses noticed everytime I had a contraction her heart rate would drop very low, and she wasn't moving or responding much when they had me move, so one of the nurses went to call my OB to see what she wanted to do. And she ended up wanting to induce me.

When I got up to L&D they hooked me up to monitors, gave me my IV and checked me and I was still only 1 1/2cm. They decided to give me Cervidil(sp?) the nurse kept telling me over and over again that it wouldn't put me into labor, it would just help to soften everything...BOY was she WRONG! I started having regular contractions not even an hour after they put it in. The nurses kept asking me after a few hours if I wanted them to remove it, but I was worried that I would not have progressed enough so I kept it in a total of 6 hours. By the time they took it out I was at 4cm.

I really tried to make it a little bit longer, but somewhere between 4 and 5cm I decided to get an epi. Since I had to be continiously hooked up to monitors I couldn't labor the way I wanted to. I am very sure if I could have done it my way I would have lasted longer. But the epi was horrible! It took the doctor 3 times, and things I shouldn't have been feeling, I FELT! But after it was in everything was okay and I progressed to 7cm very quickly.

They continued to monitor the baby, and they started to notice that her heart rate was dropping very low again with every contraction so my nurse came in with the intention of just checking dilation and putting in internal monitors. But when she went to check she got a weird look on her face and said that my cervix was gone, so I was ready. She went ahead and put in a monitor and had me do a practice push before she called my OB, who told her it would take her 30 minutes to get there. So they had me lay and switch from side to side to help the baby.

But I had a contraction that the baby did not like at all so they called my OB again and they made the decision to deliver right then! I pushed 3 more times and she was here!!

Ridley Judith came into the world on November 10th, at 12:57am. She weighed 7lbs 15oz and 20inches long. She has a full head of redish-blonde hair, which nobody expected lol! We are trying to breastfeed, but have had a few bumps along the way so hopefully that will get better. And DH is over the moon that his little girl is finally here.

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10th Nov '12


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10th Nov '12

Congratulations momma :) And keep it up with the breastfeeding, there will always be bumps in the process, I wanted to quit for the first month and a half! I bet she is beautiful!

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10th Nov '12

How exciting. So happy for you and I'm sure she is gorgeous

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10th Nov '12

omg im so happy for you

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10th Nov '12

awwwwwww.......Welcome Ridley!!!!

So happy for you all! She sounds gorgeous mama!

What is Cullen thinking??

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10th Nov '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Shannonsfirst:</b>" awwwwwww.......Welcome Ridley!!!! So happy for you all! She sounds gorgeous mama! What is Cullen thinking??"</blockquote>

He loves her! He came up to the hospital for a little while and he spent the whole time loving on her and singing to her. But I'm not sure how much he is going to love her once she comes home, lol.