Has anyone had this Issue? Cortney Maynard Due March 31 (boy); 1 child; Perrysburg, Ohio 20 posts
11th Nov '12

everything started to go normal after I turned 17 weeks but now that I am about to turn 20 weeks pregnant, I noticed that my molars are now getting cavities (even though I brush them 2-3 times a day) and the pain is so sharp and constant. When the pain becomes more than the tolerable pain it will wake me from my sleep i take pain pills that my midwife said its OK to take during pregnancy doesn't even touch the pain any more or take the edge off of the pain... What am I to do? oragel doesn't work, mouth wash makes it throb/pulse/intense.... If this pain doesn't stop I want to take a pair of pliers and rip them all out one by one... (i would not do that i would leave it to a dentist but that is how i feel right now cause of the pain) I cry from time to time cause of the pain and I have also become irritable too. Any advice please I am willing to try anything right about now! :cry::evil::cry:

ShockersShufflers 19 kids; Iowa 1501 posts
11th Nov '12

Go to the dentist

Mrs cree Due November 23; 33 kids; Ontario 1907 posts
11th Nov '12

You probably have an infection or need a root canal or both go to the dentist being pregnant makes you more prone to dental issues no matter how much you brush be careful what you take as we'll good luck hon I know how much pain you are in

Pickle Due September 2; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Kentucky 3685 posts
status 11th Nov '12

I have had horrible issues with my teeth since i have been pregnant. I finally broke down and went to the dentist although they are limited on what they will do for you while your pregnant it's worth going just incase you have a infection because that definitely can't be healthy for you or your baby to put off any longer. hope you feel better take care!