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12th Nov '12

I prefer Ever on its own.

Ever Louise
Ever Lucille
Ever Alexandria
Ever Miriam
Ever Lorelei
Ever Michelle
Ever Aurelia
Ever Therese

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19th Nov '12


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5th Dec '12

Hi Everyone! It's me. Amy from Secretly Pregnant. Thanks to all who complimented my baby's name. The reason I chose the name Everleigh was very personal. With all my other kids I just picked a name that I liked at the time. Everly was my grandmother's brothers name. I never knew him. He died in world war 2 when he was only 17. His middle name was Hayden, which my cousin named her son a couple years ago. I wanted to change the spelling to make it a little more feminine, so I went with the "Leigh" ending. Although I really do like the EVERLY spelling too. My daughter Heather who was also on the show kept her baby name a secret, so I had no idea what she was going to name her baby. Thank goodness I had 3 weeks before her! She named her baby Brayleigh! BTW, we call her Ever, Evers and sometimes I call her Evie (rhymes with Chevy) Anyway! I just HAD to put my two cents! Lol Happy name-picking everyone! ~Amy~