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¡VinHaute! Memphis, Tennessee 44609 posts
11th Nov '12
Quoting shelbylynn [20 WEEKS!]:" My SO calls discharge pregnancy batter LMAO."

:lol: Ick. I call it snot crotch.

I♥RYLEIGH 49 kids; Windsor, Ontario 10437 posts
11th Nov '12
SavageDarling 3 kids; Webster, Massachusetts 10381 posts
11th Nov '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Rebecca Hasbrook:</b>" Yeah, I bet your right. I have been f**king with him for the past two years asking him when he is gonna eat it. He always come's up with some lame joke and walks away. He's a big ole bag of douche. "</blockquote>

That's crappy. Honestly, I know this makes me a terrible person, but an active experimental sex life is important to me and if my husband refused to do something as standard as oral sex, I don't think we would have ended up married.

Turtley Mikey Due October 31; 2 kids; California 50611 posts
11th Nov '12

Eh, I do it like once a year... if that.

SR ♥ 1 child; V, AR, United States 7869 posts
11th Nov '12
Quoting JiLLiAN.:" my SO said i taste different pregnant. i miss it. he used to go down all the time, and he's the best i ever had. ughhh"

Seriously! He used to do it aaaaall the time. Then it got to where....never. His idea of foreplay is rubbing my tits for a second or kissing my neck.

He went away for a week, a few months ago, and came home and gave me the best oral and sex ever....and...That was the last I'll have of it until he goes away for some reason, again.