Growing Pains? user banned
12th Nov '12

Last night and the night before DS (3) woke up crying in pain. :( He'll say "bad booboo", ''really hurts", & "it hurts so bad" He says its his leg but it looks fine.
This morning he ran and stopped after a few feet and started crying so bad talking about hurting again :(

Are growing pains THAT painful? What can I do for him other than medicine?

Its only one leg that hurts. Is that odd?

Kya-Trendy Tendency 2 kids; Battle Ground, Washington 2256 posts
12th Nov '12

maybe he got a really bad cramp in his leg at night. and it's sore

BαtMαɳ Gotham, DC, United States 79461 posts
status 12th Nov '12

That's how my son got before his growth spurt. I would give him Tylenol and it helped a little bit. I also gave him a warm bath and would rub his legs for him which he like a lot.

Klaus 2 kids; Mississippi 25101 posts
12th Nov '12

I used to get really bad growing pains, so they can be that painful. Have him eat a banana, in case it's muscle cramps.

When was the last time he had his blood count checked? Has he had any other issues lately?