Meal Ideas K+J 3 kids; 547 posts
12th Nov '12

DH and I would love to get a different house closer to his work. well right now it just isn't in the budget. So I started going over our budget and WE EAT OUT WAY TOO MUCH! we spend so much money on fast food it is ridiculous! I think I have been in denial about how much we do eat out but after looking at our account its an eye opener!

Im looking for recipes to start a meal plan, looking to plan for 2 weeks at a time, I need hearty meals and also quick meals. DS 1 is a picky eater would only eat chicken nuggets if you let him DS 2 eats anything.
We are a busy family DS 1 is in preschool until 1130 every day and DH has to leave for work by 1:30. we also travel an hour each way to hockey 3x a week.

Rachie.luv♡ 2 kids; El Paso, Texas 14643 posts
12th Nov '12

Crocpot meals will be your BFF. Iv made chicken tacos in there. Add chicken 1/2 cup water on low season how you like.

Kira Sutkay 1 child; Flint, Michigan 539 posts
12th Nov '12

you could always go to food and just customize your meals the way u want by difficulty to make to how long it takes to make to what u want to make weather it breakfast lunch dinner or dessert and what u want in the meal as the main dish ex.