right b4 labor b 7 Due November 25 (girl); Indiana 253 posts
12th Nov '12

What were certain things that u did right before u went into labor? Like I've been cleaning things and moving furniture and this morning when I got up my panties were pretty wet so I went in and got checked and my water still hadn't broke but I thought maybe it could of been leaking a little but ever since they checked me I've been having a lot harder of contractions and I'm scheduled for a c-section on the 20th but here lately I've been doing a lot of random things that I usually don't do and I'm starting to think that I may go into labor sooner than my scheduled c-section. Is there anything that u felt or did that was different than usual before u went into labor??? Sorry so long just nervous and excited!

Man in stockings 1 child; Colorado 2766 posts
12th Nov '12

the only sign I had was, 3 days before I was walking out of walmart. I had been loosing my MP for a few days, and right when I got in the lobby area I had this huge gush of water come out. When I got home I checked my underwear and had a huge glob of MP in it and started having contractions. I waited 2 hours and went in. And it was a false alarm. But I had him 3 days later on my own. The day after the gush happened my son was so low I looked like he could just come right out any second.