Postpartum Bleeding Tee Gibson 2 kids; Battle Ground, Washington 28 posts
13th Nov '12

Hi all, I just had my first baby on Nov. 1st. By the time I left the hospital the bleeding was practically non existent except in the morning or when I had been sitting for a long amount of time. Last Friday I decided to clean house, and go grocery shopping for the month, later that night I started bleeding heavier and passing small clots (the slimy looking stuff). It is still going on tonight, it's not bright red, more like a strawberry jam color. I'm not having any cramping with it, and it's not enough that I even have to change my pad once throughout the day if I don't want to. It's just there when I wipe, and soaks the toilet paper most times. Is this typical because I did too much the other day? Or should I be concerned?