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18 month old won't go to sleep on his own....HELP!!! Luvin'mymason 33 kids; Marietta, Ohio 61 posts
13th Nov '12

Here's the son is 18 months old and has never given me issues at bedtime. He does go to sleep with a bottle (don't judge or citicize me) and has always put himself to sleep. He has never on a regular basis slept with me. About 2 weeks ago when I went to put him to bed he instantly started screaming. Not crying, screaming. I'm also not one for letting him cry it out but the first few nights he would cry for a few minutes, no more than 10 and then put himself to sleep. Each night got worse. Many nights he was even crying so bad that he lost his breath and turned blue. It got to the point that a few nights he did sleep with me. Rocking him works but the minute I lay him in his crib he wakes up. I've laid on his floor while he is in his crib until he falls asleep. He went through this phase before but it only lasted a few days. This does not seem like a phase anymore but maybe it is. Anyone else had this same issue with their child? If so what did you do to help get them over the phase or whatever it is that is bothering them? Thanks in advance!!

Sarina Marie`s Mommy* 17 kids; Newton, Massachusetts 953 posts
13th Nov '12

I just posted a topic about this. My 16 month old always went to sleep on time without a fighht but all of a sudden she won't do it. She just screams and screams .

Luvin'mymason 33 kids; Marietta, Ohio 61 posts
13th Nov '12

I've done everything I can think of and things friend have suggested but nothing has worked to get him back into the groove of going to sleep on his own. And he dad says he naps for him pretty well and without much of a fight during the day when I'm at work.

Jenna + 2! 34 kids; Australia 4425 posts
13th Nov '12

My little boy did it once, I just sat next to his cot near his pillow and sang to him quietly until he calmed down and lay down and eventually went to sleep