Still sick :( That Girl. 2 kids; Florida 4109 posts
14th Nov '12

I am still SICK. Been over a week now. My head is pounding, I'm congested and sick to my stomach. I've had a low fever off and on all weekend. I seriously don't know how to get better. And now Im at work miserable.

How do you cope being pregnant and really sick.

Debra Langlie Lippert 3 kids; Minnesota 130 posts
14th Nov '12

I have had congestions and upset stomach as a result for about 3 or 4 weeks now... granted I am a stay at home mom and take naps daily to help me feel better I also have been drinking lemon ginger tea to help with the upset stomach and when my stomach allows I take sudafed (dr recommended btw)... I am currently also getting over the flu that was so wonderfully spread at my hubbys nephews b-day party this past weekend (thankfully his boss let him take the day off to watch our daughter).... granted now I still have congestion and my throat is very sore from throwing up yesterday, I am just still trying to rest, drink a combo of cold and hot things that don't have caffeine in them and rest some more... It may not be very helpful but my dr did tell me that my congestion could be related to pregnancy and it is very common for pregnant women to be congested most of the time and the best thing to do is to treat it with what ever things you find that work and only take approved medicine when you can't handle it anymore or nothing is working anymore....