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    • as soon as I found out -- Votes: 30
    • 6-8 weeks -- Votes: 21
    • 8-10 weeks -- Votes: 12
    • 10-12 weeks -- Votes: 16
    • during my second trimester -- Votes: 12
    • during my third trimester -- Votes: 1
    • other -- Votes: 2
snglemama 4 kids; Georgia 11958 posts
15th Nov '12

close friends and family right away. Work I waited awhile longer. I planned tow ait until 12 weeks... but told sooner because I couldn't hide how sick I was

Gabrielle Hamblin Due June 26; 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Buffalo, Texas 393 posts
15th Nov '12

I was 9 weeks befor I even told a single person besides my mom witch I told right away when the pg test came back positive.

loving little luna 1 child; Stavanger, Norway 835 posts
16th Nov '12
Quoting ♥Love♥:" How far along were you when you told people you were pregnant? I dont have FB so I will tell people as ... [snip!] ... was devastating. :( Im not sure how long we will wait though. How long did you wait? Did you wish you had told sooner or later?"

i told my family and my husband's family when i was between 6-8 weeks. then, after our first ultrasound at 12w3d, we posted the pic on facebook with the caption "look what (husband's name) and i made!"

it was quite the announcement :)